Cure of Black Magic

Cure of Black Magic

Cure of Black Magic

Believe it or not, Black Magic exists. However, it sounds insane, boring and rubbish but we often hear about this and no one other than the people who have been the victims of Black Magic can best explain the effect of these supernatural powers. Apart from the medical treatment we always face the situation where we start searching for some other way to “Cure of Black Magic”, willingly or forcibly and there is always a question whether it can be removed. If yes then “Cure of Black Magic”? Yes, it can be removed by the inevitable practices and efforts.

What is black magic and how it affects the victim?

Before know “Cure of Black Magic”, first we should how it affects the victim. Black Magic is indeed a very strong supernatural power and cannot be easily detectable. It can only be found by black magic practice expert who used to identify it in the victim by a few signs and symptoms especially the abnormal external behavior of the victim.  Some of us often involved in different kind problem leads to physical, mental and financial stress and blaming our and starting that may be this the destiny. But most of the time these all may happen due to the effect of black magic. There are numerous signs through which we can know that we are in a trap of black magic. But we are not ready to accept it and by the time we start believing, it becomes too late.

Black magic can be removed by magic

There are many experts available to “Cure Black Magic” but we can also do this by performing this magic by self. The whole process took eleven days. Bring twenty-two black unlit candles, two for each day. Tell the victim to sit on a clean platform (white marble chabutra is preferable) put two candles to both sides of the victim and light these candles.

Start performing this magic at dusk i.e. in the late evening when the sun is almost set. After that victim should close his eyes and take a deep breath to achieve calmness of mind and the body. Then imagine the curse or the person who may curse on the victim. Try to see the clear image of the curse or the person and start chanting the mantra “go away, leave my body” till both the candles burn. Perform it for eleven days. The curse will gradually day by day as candles burn.


When we suffer from day to day problem continuously and stressed by thinking about this. We as human being start complaining about our destiny and the situation get worst. But we should think about that it may be due to someone cursed or performed Black Magic on us. Many of us do not want to believe that it even exists but in these situations, we must look at Black Magic expert for a way of “Cure of Black Magic”.

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