Destroy Enemy Mantra

Destroy Enemy Mantra

Destroy Enemy Mantra

There can be many Enemies in a person’s life. When a person excels and succeeds in life some people like their relatives, friends or even the colleagues will not like it. They feel Jealous on that person’s success. Thus, these people become the enemies. These people will never be like you and even they do not want you to be like that, successful. These Enemies always have negative thoughts about you in their mind and they always plan ways and means to hurt you. The jealousy in them leads to such thoughts and actions. You may be nice to them and unaware of their deeds. However, you can save your life from your Enemy with the help of Shani mantra. This “Destroy Enemy Mantra” is a very powerful mantra and it is used to Destroy your Enemy. Destroying your enemy does not mean killing them, but it means that the Enemy will not do any wrong to you and will give up using all negative energies against you.

What should you do?

You Enemy, if he thinks of hurting you can do it by hurting you physically or even mentally. In their rage against you, they can go to any extent which can be worse. Thus, the very first thing that you must do is to protect yourself from your enemies and for that you need to use the protection Mantra. The protection mantra will not let any negative energies touch you and Harm you by any means. Shani mantra is one of the best mantras to use in this case. When a person tries to harm you use this mantra against that person and that person will be hurt instead of you.

Why you Need Destroy Enemy Mantra

If you are the victim of someone’s ill thoughts and actions, do the same to that person. If you are a clean person, which means that you have not hurt anyone by any means, you can use this mantra to reduce the effects of wrongs done on yourself and direct all tortures towards the person who is trying to hurt you. you must remember that the right always wins against the wrong. As this mantra is very powerful, you must use this “Destroy Enemy Mantra” only when you are sure that the person is doing wrong to you. This mantra is so powerful that it can make a person turn mad, inflict pain in their body (physical pain) and even bring breakup in their love life.

Procedure for reciting the mantra

You must chant this mantra in the morning and you should sit in a calm and quiet place. In this mantra you must close your eyes and start chanting the mantra will full concentration. The mantra must be chanted in a clear and loud way so that it resonates within your body. There are no restricted times for reciting the mantra, you can do it as many times you want. This “Destroy Enemy Mantra” will help you fully to make your enemies weak and give up hurting you.

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