How to Defeat Enemies Mantra

How to Defeat Enemies Mantra

How to Defeat Enemies Mantra

We all have enemies in our life some are ignoble. But some of them are way too wicked and doesn’t allow us to grow and always jealous with our prosperity. These wicked people not only jealous of our progress but they always indulge in foul play and make our life hell. We are not always strong enough to confront them directly and then we need to find a way to defeat these Evil people in the most effective way without physical confrontation. A lot of mantras can be used as a very powerful weapon to defeat our Enemy. All we have to do is to learn “How to Defeat Enemies Mantra”. These mantras work in the most effective ways and make your enemy helpless in any situation and their defeat is definite then.

Different mantras to Defeat the Enemy

A lot of mantras are available to defeat your enemy but in all cases, you should learn “How to Defeat Enemies Mantra” with all precautions with it. Remember all the mantras will only be effective you yourself a good human being.  You are not applying these for a bad cause. Some of the very effective and popular mantras are described here:

How to Use Defeat Enemies Mantra

Maha Kali Mantra- Maha Kali, the fiercest form of Durga, a well-known as Yamraj for evil forces. It is the most powerful and effective mantras to defeat your enemy but should use in extreme cases. The most interesting fact about Maha Kali Mantra is that it works in both ways simultaneously. It imparts you immense strength and at the same time your enemy also tastes defeat. Recite Maha Kali mantra 108 times daily for 108 days for the effective result. Number of days depends on your concentration while chanting this mantra. You must spell the mantra very accurately with keeping your mind and soul calm. Beast time to recite or chant this mantra is just after sunset otherwise in midnight. If you performing it in front of hawan then it would be more effective. All the time you should remember the name of your enemy.

Durga Mantra- it should be started on the auspicious occasion and none other days can be better than the first day of avatar of Maa Durga during Puja. In the early morning, preferably at the time of sunrise, take a bath wear clean cloth, lit a diya (ghee lamp) and keep it in front of Maa Durga pictures and then start chanting Durga Mantra preferably eleven times for eleven days. All you have to do during the entire process is to keep calm your mind and body and chant the mantra with clear pronunciation.


The Enemy or wicked people always equipped with negative energy and their action makes our life difficult. Sometimes it leads to a different type of Crisis and we all want to get rid of them. We think about to defeat our enemy, for this we must learn “How to Defeat Enemies Mantra”. We must ensure that all these mantras will only be effective if performed by a good human being for a good cause.


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