How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra

How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra

How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra

We are always surrounded by a lot of Enemy. These enemies can exist in any form, and mainly due to jealousy of other’s success, like relative who make our life hell due to property dispute, a man or woman who trap our loved one in his or her grip and make our life difficult or powerful but bad person of the society who torture us in any form and we are helpless in that situation. Are you suffering from the action of these or any other type of enemy? Are your business competitor always play a foul game and make your business in loss? Nothing to worry about, you can easily get rid of them by learning “How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra”.  Believe it, you can destroy those evils who made your life hell by using a mantra or the best way is to consult a black magic expert.

Different mantras to Destroy the Enemy

Many mantras are available to Destroy your enemy but in all cases, you should learn “How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra”from expert and make more and more practice before executing it in actual. The three most popular mantras are Shani mantra, Kali Mantra, and Durga Mantra.

How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra

Shani Mantra- One of the most effective mantras to destroy your enemy but should use in extreme cases. It will be effective only in the case if you are a good Human being. You wanted to destroy your enemy who is evil and have all negative thinking about you which makes your life hell. Chant the Shani mantra as maximum time as possible but it considered as Subh if you chant it 108 times or multiple of it, continuously and very clearly, with full concentration and with your calm mind and body. The best time to perform this mantra is the very early morning i.e. dawn time. During all this process remember the name of your enemy.

Durga Mantra- We all worship Maa Durga and heard about her bravery to destroy the evil forces in the world. In the very early morning after taking bath, if possible mix some pure Ganga Jal into the bucket with wearing a single cloth on your body and sit down at some very peaceful place. Make sure as far as possible from home. Chant Durga Mantra 108 times or it’s multiple with a clear voice and a calm mind. After chanting the mantra each time say the name of your enemy with suffix Swaha. Perform it for 108 days for better and effective result.

Kaali Mantra– No one is more dangerous than the goddess of darkness Maa Kali. Maa Kali for the evil forces in the world. A similar process can be adopted as in Durga Mantra above but chant Kali Mantra this time.


In the worst situation when someone makes our life hell by playing a foul game. We are helpless and suffer psychologically and mentally, in that situation as because the opponent is used to very powerful. Learning “How to Destroy Enemies by Mantra” is the best option to get over these situations but should always be performed for good cause.

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